PRSSV Grades Initial - 8 are individual exams suited for steelpan pupils in schools, steelband community groups or individuals learning to play a steelpan. Pupils can start from any level listed below depending on their ability. Qualified Steelpan Tutors will have the skills to assist pupils through each of the stages and experienced Steelpan Tutors without this qualification will have assistance from PRSSV. Soprano/Tenor pans, Double Soprano/Double Tenor pans, Double Seconds are included in these examinations.


Entry level: Grade Initial

Level 1: Grade 1-3 (Primary Level)

Level 2: Grade 4-5 (GCSE)

Level 3: Grade 6-8 (A-Level)

Level 4: Certificate in Performance



Entry level: £35 Grade Initial

Level 1: £40 Grade 1, £40 Grade 2, £60 Grade 3

Level 2: £60 Grade 4, £70 Grade 5, £80 Grade 6

Level 3: £80 Grade 6, £80 Grade 7, £130 Grade 8




PRSSV Awards is a Level 1 qualification and it has 4 stages. These awards are suited for groups working as ensembles in a school steelband or a community steelband. A large group of pupils can work together on single pieces of music with individual parts to be assessed for the examination. All steelpan range of instruments from the Steelband Orchestra is included.


Stage 1:  Emerald

Stage 2: Ruby

Stage 3: Sapphire

Stage 4: Diamond



Stage 1: Emerald £10 per candidate

Stage 2:  Ruby £15 per candidate

Stage 3: Sapphire: £20 per candidate

Stage 4: Diamond: £25 per candidate




This is a Level 4 Qualification that has 3 units. It is a recognised qualification of Teacher Competences in World Music. The work for these units includes the option of distant learning through video calls and email or in a classroom setting at the Dominion Centre in Southall, Middlesex. The qualification prepares the tutor to assist pupils with their Grades as well as an in-depth study to be a qualified steelpan tutor.


Unit A: Preparation of Students for Level 1

Unit B: Preparation of Students for Level 2

Unit C: Preparation of Students for Level 3


Cost: £580 per unit


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Steelpan Grades and Tutor qualifications


Qualifications and Examinations by PRSSV  Institute of Performing Arts and HeritageRegistered with OCN Credit4learing  (Open College Network)


Recognised by Colleges and Universities


Like any other instrument it takes years to become a professional steelpan musician. The advantage is that the steelpan is a perfect instrument, as the basic skills are easy to learn and playing the instrument does not require any previous musical experience. It is possible for an individual or group with any level of musical experience to accomplish a simple melody within a short period of time.


With a steelband

We supply Steelpan Tutors with a minimum of 5-Years experience with enhanced DBS checks.


Steelpan Tutor: £40 per hour (for a minimum of 2 consecutive hours per day)



Without a steelband

Steel Pan Agency provides steelpan tutors in the UK for school steelbands. We are now offering the opportunity for schools, community groups or individuals without a steelband the option to have steelpan tuition for 1-4 pupils per session. We provide the instruments and pupils objective will be to achieve Steelpan Grades and showcases for their school assemblies, events and local communities.


Steelpan Tutor: £40 per hour (for a minimum of 2 consecutive hours per day)



Hire A Steelband

Hire a 10-piece steelband for £100 per week (£200 for delivery and collection in London). The steelpans will need to be secured securely throughout the rental duration.


Steelpan Tutor: £40 per hour (for a minimum of 2 consecutive hours per day)

Delivery and collection: £200

Steelpan Rental: £100 per week (including half terms)



One Day Steelpan Workshop

Our all day workshops generally include a performance demonstration followed by workshops with 10-15 pupils per session. Workshops start from 15-minutes up to 1-hour per session, the duration of a session is determined by the total amount of participants on the day. The day includes information about the history of steelpans, an interactive performance and participants will learn a melody/rhythmic tune on the steelpans. These sessions are suitable for all ages and abilities.


Starting from £190 - £285