Music Services

We have worked with different music services to develop some great projects with the steelband Orchestra. Our services are as follows: 

- Teacher Training Day (for Music Teachers teaching steelpans)

- Learn to play the steelpan for a term & final performance

- Interactive Assemblies about the history & range of steelpans; presentation at school cultural events and higher learning academic institutes 

- Projects tailor designed to suit School Music Service specific needs 


- One day workshops 

- Buy/renting steelpans and accessories 

- Steelpan Qualifications

- Entertainment at events

Pupils outcomes

- Learn about the history of steelpans from the Caribbean
- Learn a piece of music using the steelpans
- Enhance rhythmic and improvisational skills
- Develop listening skills
- Develop ability to work in an ensembles
- Develop confidence through performing to an audience

"Thank you so much for the

Teacher Training Day the tutors

loved it and want more"

Jenni Thomson, from Essex Music Services