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Rent Steelpans 

We provide a 10 piece Steelband that 10 pupils can take part in per session. Rental duration is for a minimum of 4 weeks and tutoring sessions is for a minimum of 2 hours per week. Steelpans will need to be stored securely for the full rental duration.


♦ Learn a song/songs (depending on duration)

♦ Perform for an audience (parents/guardians, family and friends, school assembly etc)

♦ Enjoying and achieving

♦ Building confidence

♦ Team work

♦ Learn a new skill

♦ Learn the origins of the newest instrument to be invented in the world



Tutors fee £40 per hour

Rental fee £100 per week

Delivering and collecting instruments £200


Price Examples

2-hours per week for 4 weeks; £920

2-hours per week for 6 weeks; £1,280

2-hours per week for 8 weeks; £1,640

2-hours per week for 10 weeks; £2,000


 (This service is only available in London and regions close to London)


Rent Steelpans

Great for schools, after school clubs, youth clubs, social clubs etc…

Starting from £880

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